We offer a quality selection of hunters, jumpers, equitation horses, and ponies in all price ranges.  We also make frequent trips to Europe for your horse needs. Scroll down to see our offerings for Hunter/Equitation, Ponies and Jumpers.








More to come


Good horses and ponies are accepted on consignment.We have an experienced staff to groom, exercise and train, and present your Hunter, Jumper or Equitation horse properly to the buyer.

We can also promote your horse at horse shows, both local level, or bigger A shows for additional fees.




Standard consignment board  1500.00

Includes active promotion, clipping, trimming, exercising and training.

Shoeing and veterinary services will be billed directly.

Showing, shipping, braiding, paid by client to the horse show.

COMMISSION is a standard 15 % commission out of the sale price. Sale price to be determined by the seller and the owner.


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